Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something happens to me when it rains...

and its this inexplicable feeling of being happy and content. it's almost like the rain can wash away any problem, and everything that got me feeling down in the morning is gone because it rained in the night. 
and its the perfect time to cuddle up with a steaming cup of soup and your guitar, or a copy of pride and prejudice, or maybe watch my fair lady for the thirty millionth time. :)
i love the rain. and the way it feels. all wet and wonderful and cleansing.
i love the way it smells of new earth, and makes me think of happy farmers. 
i love the way it looks, like sheets of molten glass (does that exist?). and i think im getting poetic beyond necessity here. but most importantly, i LOVE the way it sounds. makes me want to write an epic, or compose a song for it. but here i am, in my own dysfunctional way, blogging about it instead.
I love you, rain. and you always make me happy. here i was thinking people said that about the sun. :) 

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