Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh my! It's December? How?

Wow, the last post was in May, and I am very very far from the most consistent blogger on the planet. :P But i never said i would be, so i'm off the hook.

Now i'm going to stick to the slightly more realistic goals of blogging once every two weeks or so, and perhaps the new year resolution bug will bite, and 2010 will be a better year for my poor attention deprived blog.

This post is dedicated to the spirit of Christmas. Growing up in an exceptionally liberal family does wonders for your sense of secularism, and so, even though I'm Hinda, Christmas is one of my favourite festivals. The rose cookies, decking the tree up, the crib, the plays, and above all- The Carols!

I love singing Christmas carols, and there are fewer songs more hum worthy as you pull out your woolens and ask for cups of hot chocolate.
They teach you to wait for Winter Wonderland to show up, tell you about the Three Kings of Orient, let you Jingle the Bells as you walk around in the cold. If you felt like a fun story, there was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and a instant pick me up for the winter months is Jingle Bell Rock. The Twelve Days of Christmas is special to the love struck, and for all those like me who may have turned seventeen but are actually three and a half at heart, Santa Claus will always come to town! :)

But my favourite part of Christmas, my favourite carol, of all time- Silent Night. Nothing prettier compares, and all you really need to do to feel as yuletide-y as ever is light yourself a candle, walk up to your Christmas tree and sing Silent Night.

I love love love the Spirit of Christmas. :) Be it the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present or Future, they are all welcome to one girl, who waits eagerly on Christmas Eve to hear the pitterpatter of the reindeer's hooves!