Friday, April 10, 2009

If animals could talk, they'd have a lot to say

This blog post was inspired by watching brother bear for the ten millionth time. 
For everyone who's read the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, talking animals arent that big a deal. we all know that we're far from the smartest animals on the face of the earth. dolphins and lab rats beat us. But just imagine if you were a bunny, or a snail, or a crocodile.
I've always loved the idea of animals talking. i've always been pretty sure in my head, that the moment we walk out of a room, all the lizards and grasshoppers, and cockroaches and mosquitoes gossip furiously about everything we did or said or anything. Why do you think devices to spy on people are called bugs, hunh?
and especially if youre Indian, the whole talking animals thing is self evident. many of our gods (hanuman, ganesha) were wise, benevolent talking animals. Egypt, for examples with its crocodile headed god, Sobek, cow headed goddess Hathor, and the main god, who happens to be a falcon, Horus. In Mexico too, they worship Quetza'lcoetl, who is a feathered serpent.
If animals could talk, they'd probably tell you how sucky the world is i guess. Do animals understand beauty i wonder? or magic? do they feel happy?
Why is Walt Disney the only person to give this thought? 
I love animals. Which is why this post is about them. because the next time you see a dog looking lonely, maybe you should give it a biscuit. the next time you see a puppy near the side of the road, you should call SPCA. 
oh and if you want to do something when youre on the computer, how bout this?
five minutes is all it takes, you guys.
for all you know, they think like you and talk like you and probably have friends and family like yours.
for all you know, theyre blogging away on their little comp screens as well. :)
do your bit, everyone, cos animals are people too! 
(P.S the SPCA number for bangalore is 25540205)

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