Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 minutes

Okay, just so you know this is not my i-worship-MLTR post(yet). This is my race against time, i have 25 minutes till my computer runs out of power... thus giving me, pretty much accurately 25 minutes to live. I've seen so many of those twenty five things you didnt know about me posts on facebook. this is my warped twisted version

25 things i want you to know about me, before my computer decides to shut down.
25) I really do actually like random bands like MLTR. it's not just me trying to be uncool and failing. i actually am cool enough to admit that i think mika epitomizes cool.
24) I will cry over every movie i watch. this includes really bad, really random movies which arent sad at all. read: i cried over om shanti om. believe you me, that is the pits
23) I will also cry over books. this can even be hysterical. the worst was when i read gone with the wind for the first time. also half of a yellow sun. omg, chinua acheve is amazing.
22) Although it may seem like i cry a lot, i actually am a bloody optimistic and much too chirpy for her own good kinda person to be around. people tell me if i continue to be this happy, i might explode one day
21) I love chocolate. no this isnt random. if i had to tell people something before i died, it would probably be, "i love you, but i may love chocolate, and mr. darcy more..."
20) I love mr. darcy. if you havent noticed already that is. I LOVE HIM.
19) I laugh a lot. I am possibly the easiest person in the whole world to get a laugh out of. I laugh for really bad jokes. like this one. What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk. Har har. me actually laughing here.
18) I'm possibly the world's loudest shower singer. I swear, people next door applaud when i finish singing a song in the shower.
17) I love talking. It's probably my favourite thing to do. After reading. And singing. and playing my guitar.
16) I have twelve minutes to live. So clearly I've screwed up somewhere. I'm just gonna skip ahead to number 11. Call me for nos. 15-12
11) From above, i hope you've figured out, i love my cellphone. really, i'm nomophobic. i love talking on the phone.
10) When i get angry or upset or anything, i cry. and then go to sleep.
9) I have this thing for bad guys. Like this really really big thing for them. I'm into jerks in a huge way.
8) I have this tendency to jump to conclusions and get hysterical. I worry over practically nothing. And i worry. All. The. Time.
7) I actually think harry potter is over rated. It's good yes, but there've been better.
6) My dream date is a romantic walk in the rain after a four hour conversation in a coffee shop near a bookstore. So, if there are any big, muscly guys who are reading this, you know what to do to win my attentions. ;)
5) I have about 83 billion best friends, and a couple of million more really good friends. I love bumping into people i know. this habit of mine annoys a couple of people, mostly best best friends.
4)Ooh, i'm almost near the end. And i really don't have much to say. Yay liverpool for beating real madrid. I like liverpool.
3) I would make a really bad contestant on the 'Moment of Truth'. As you can see, very very clearly. It does not seem like i have a lot of deep dark secrets, does it?
2)I am possibly the most gullible person in the whole wide world. i will fall for *any* sob story.
1) things just happen to me. My life is like a bollywood film, without the matching outfits and random item numbers. It's just REALLY dramatic.

There you go, i'm done. And my power is going to die.
I did have 25 minutes to live!

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